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BiotechFUE hair transplant, generally known as StemFUE is the latest hair transplantation technique for Male & Female that is faster and effective than the traditional FUT and FUE hair transplant methods. Both surgeons and patients have rated it as the most efficient hair restoration technique to date.The technique uses an automated tool for harvesting donor hairs. This tool works just like the punch machine used for manual FUE, but at a faster speed and with more precision and accuracy.

BiotechFUE Procedure
Following steps are involved in a Biotech FUE Hair Transplant surgery:

Step 1 – The surgeon will start with shaving and marking the donor area. Your hairline will also be designed before starting the surgery.
Step 2 – After marking the donor area, local anesthesia is administered to make the graft extraction process virtually painless.
Step 3 – Once the donor area has been numbed, the surgeon proceeds to follicular unit extraction phase. Using the automated punch tool the surgeon keeps on extracting the follicles at the fastest possible speed and one of the support staff members collects these grafts and hands them over to the technical staff for trimming.
Step 4 – The technical staff then carefully trims these follicular units under a stereo microscope to obtain grafts of desired size.
Step 5 – After a short lunch break the surgeon resumes the surgery by administering local anesthesia to the recipient area. This is to make site preparation and transplantation phase painless.
Step 6 – The surgeon then makes tiny incisions at the recipient area, keeping in mind your aesthetic goals and the direction of your existing hair.
Step 7 – Once done with site preparation, the surgeon carefully inserts the extracted grafts into these tiny incisions to complete the surgery.

Biotech FUE Techniques
There are numerous Follicular Unit Extraction Techniques available to help you regain lost hair in a minimally invasive manner. These include:

Manual FUE
Neograft FUE
Motorized FUE
ARTAS or Robotic FUE


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