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Hair Transplant - Frequently asks Question (FAQ’s)


KINDLY SEND Your SCALP PHOTOS TO GUIDE U BETTER REGARDING, NUMBER OF HAIR GRAFTS REQUIRED AND FEES.OR CHECK THE PIC BELOW AND LET ME KNOW, WHICH PIC RESEMBLES UR HAIRLOSS STAGE.. Have a look at few of our dense and natural results and watch our you tube channel with more than 100 videos of amazing results, below.

+       Where is your clinic located?

+       Can you give some info of your clinic doctors?

+       What is FUEHair Transplant?

+       What is your technique?

+       Kindly take me through the whole procedure of my potential Hair Transplant.

+       Are there any reasons I could be unsuitable for hair transplant?

+       What are the risks involved in performing FUE Hair Transplant?

+       What precautions should be taken prior to the hair transplant procedure?

+        How does Anagen ensure good results?

+       What is the cost to undertake anDPI procedure?

+       ) Is there in any refund if unfortunately I don’t get result ?

+       Is it possible for me to get a free consultation?

+       We Specialize in DESIGNER HAIRLINES.

+       Do I need to shave my head for fue

+       How will bethe recipient and donor scalplook?

+        What will happen to my donor scalp from where the hair was taken and will the hair grow back?

+       What are the pre procedure instructions or how to go about it?

+       What are PRP and other non-surgical treatment?

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